Marrone Cioccolato

Il da donna UGG Australia Ultimate una met polpaccio boot morbida che offre comfort e resistenza. Questi stivali vi terr al caldo durante i mesi invernali. Caratteristiche asta twin faced pelle di pecora in pelle scamosciata per un maggiore comfort con la protezione posteriore, punta e tallone in pelle scamosciata per una maggiore durata. Anche Caratteristiche dettagli cucitura rinforzata sul manico e sulla caviglia, un tessuto di marca Tab sul tallone, e morbida, lussuosa fodera in montone naturale per calore e comfort. Peluche Pecora linee il plantare imbottito per maggiore comfort e un aspetto lussuoso e accogliente. La vera pelle di pecora soletta interna rimovibile progettato per naturalmente, che espelle l’ umidit e aiuta a mantenere i piedi asciutti. La suola in gomma sagomata leggera adatta al offre un’ eccellente trazione e massima durata. Il bagagliaio Altezza di circa 9″, la circonferenza polpaccio circa 16″ e l’ altezza del tacco di circa 1.”Questo scarpone contiene materiali che non sono impermeabili, quindi si dovrebbe prestare attenzione soprattutto per il giorno di pioggia. My inner tag inside my boot states so. Since then, they produce them in China and Vietnam. The sheep’s wool lining is now very different (almost fake feeling), it doesn’t keep your feet nearly as warm, it wears down a lot faster, and doesn’t look as pretty (if you cuff or fold you boots over). I compared the new pair I received to the older pair I have. The bottoms of the soles are the same, the double stitching is the same, the suede feels almost the same, just about everything but what I found to be the most important detail. the shearling or sheep’s wool was completely different and very almost seemed fake. I went to the Ugg Australia website and Amazon is one of the trusted retailers so I can only assume that they make sure that third party sellers are trusted retailers are too but maybe not???? That would be good question I guess. Maybe I need to ask that question to Amazon or Ugg Australia directly. The price I paid for these ($195.99 is the same price they were on the Ugg Australia website but they were out of stock in my size, otherwise I would have just got them there. I am going to go to a retail store compare the wool lining and see if it is up to par with my older pair that will tell me if the pair I received on Amazon was fake or if the newer ones made in China are just now poorly made. They were a few dollars more (they charge sales tax Amazon does not). The boots I received from Zappos came with boot protectors (a plastic support that keeps the boots shape) which is important when storing them) especially for suede) because they tend to slouch and loose shape when not being worn. They also came with stickers on the bottom of the soles and additional packaging that was not present on the pair I received from the 3rd party seller I bought from on Amazon. None the less, I am happy with my boots from Zappos and I even called Zappos told them that Amazon had the same boots for $199.95 and didn’t charge tax and she gave me a credit to my credit card. I am a VIP member with them but I thought it was a nice gesture. I have run into some very good “fake” Uggs on ebay and with all the Uggs being made in China Vietnam now, it really pays to do your research. These were $199.95 on the Ugg website so it wasn’t worth saving a few dollars taking the risk of getting fakes in the end.

As for this style boot, I want to mention, that it is one of the few that has removable / replaceable insoles which is a huge plus. For $14.95 on Zappos website, you can buy the replacement insoles and you will have a brand new (feeling) pair of boots. They last several months with daily use. Because the wool wicks away moisture they are meant to be worn withOUT socks and can be worn in the winter OR summer. As long as you condition the outside of your boots with a silicone based spray each season and buy new insoles each winter summer, your boots will last a lifetime! Just remember to stuff your boots with plastic bags during the time when your not wearing them or lay them flat so they don’t slouch. Also try not to tuck heavy jeans inside them or they the cuffs will stretch because leather/suede does stretch. I wear my Uggs with leggings or tight pants anyway. Ugg Classics are cheaper but the outsoles are not made to last and wear down quite quickly with normal walking. They also are not as comfortable. None of the Uggs have good arch support but at least the Ugg Ultimate and Ultra have good durability when it comes to the soles. I have a pair that I have worn over 7 years with no major wear to the soles. These boots are FAKE ! Or uggs has a new manufacturer who now makes crappier boots. My husband and I compared the pair I own already and these that arrived from amazon. From the outside and the sole they are the same. But the inside is completely different these are polyester or plastic lined and my old ones are soft and I believe made of wool. The tag on my original pair looks very luxurious and expensive with embroider letters and these new ones had just a small cheap shire tag with black printed text. Overall they looked like a cheap replica. I have to go to uggs store and see if they just make them like this now or these are fake but I am returning these. Both my husband I are originally from the Midwest, so we’ve been through winters before, but never as adults, so we were pretty clueless as far as what winter gear is essential. After going through the record snow here last year, we learned there are reasons why certain brands are so popular.

I loved the idea of Uggs, but hated the flat sole. I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, and have high arches, so I never thought I could wear an Ugg boot. Then I found the Ultimates I was intrigued. I did lots of local hunting for them, but they were nowhere to be found. I even ran into other people who were trying to find them too. Finally I decided to just go ahead order them through Amazon (thank you Prime membership!). I’m a size 8.5, and I had tried on different styles of Uggs in some I was a 9, and in others an 8, so I was concerned about the fit, but had heard repeatedly that they stretch out up to a half size. I went ahead ordered the 8 they were perfect.

My first time wearing them was for a very cold all day well into the night NYE get together with friends. The only shoes I’ve been able to stand for more than 2 hours have been my tennis shoes, but I was unbelievably comfortable the entire time in these boots. As the matter of fact, at one point I turned to my husband said cow my feet don’t hurt! I’m wearing boots brand new ones at that and my feet feel great

So now I’m waiting for the sand ones to come available so I can order those (not a fan of the chestnut color)! I highly recommend these boots!!

I still absolutely love the boots, but I do want to add that they are absolutely no good at all on ice.

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