Marrone Chestnut

Dazaariil 11 febbraio 2015Molto belli questi nuovi UGG in pelle. Sono davvero felice del mio acquisto. Unica pecca se cos la vogliamo chiamare che essendo in pelle io che di UGG ho sempre preso il n37 avrei dovuto prendere un 38, non per la lunghezza ma per la larghezza. Sono leggermente pi stretti di quelli classici. Per essendo vera pelle confido che si allarghino un pochino.

Dunque consiglio a chi ha il col del piede alto come il mio che di solito prendeva il 37 di prendere un 38, se invece uno ha il piede magro e il collo del piede basso pu prendere senza problemi sempre il 37 come da abitudine.

Lo sbaglio stato mio perch avrei dovuto immaginarlo, ma riesco comunque a indossarli e se vedo che non cedono li porter a far allargare da un calzolaio. The Bailey Button was nice but a little tall. This is a great improvement on some of the other boots. Its not fuzzy suede on the outside so with a little help from silicone spray I expect them to stay looking nice for years. I was wanting a boot that I could slip on with some jeans to go running around in to keep my feet warm. I live in Kansas City so deep snow isn’t much of a concern, I have tall Uggs just in case. These are comfortable (wear them barefoot, no socks needed) and are just what I was looking for. The toe is a bit big and clumsy, an I wish the straps were a bit more flexiable so it was easier to get your foot into (they usually break in with time so it shouldn’t be a problem long), but other than that, the are a nice causal short boot. For those that wonder about the price. I have Uggs ever since they came out. I have tried the other fleece house slippers and boots, but the truth is, you get what you pay for. There is a big difference. Ugg has a solid, non slip sole, and they hold up for almost a decade before showing much wear. If you can afford it buy Ugg they will last. These shipped from Decker, same place they come from on Ugg America.